Saturday 6 September 2014

MAC OS- How to view Next and Previous photos from Finder

Image preview works a little different than from Windows Preview.
In WINDOWS you open an image from Windows Explorer and the Photo opens up in Windows Preview by default. You can view the next or previous images by clicking the left or right arrows.

In MAC OS, its a bit different, but gives you even a better experience sometimes.
Follow the below steps:
  1. From FINDER go to Photos folder, CMD+A (select all)
    • You can also select only some images according to your choice of viewing.
  2. Once selected, CMD+O (open)
  3. This will open the Photos in PREWIEW application
  4. View the next or previous photo with Right Arrow or Left Arrow. (Also Up / Down Arrow works. The trackpad slide works as well)
CMD+A (Select All)

CMD+O (Opens the selected Images in PREVIEW)

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