Thursday 6 April 2023

Should vspscc file be checked into TFS?

Yes, the .vspscc file should be checked in to Visual Studio and TFS (Team Foundation Server). The .vspscc file is a source control file that helps manage the source code in Visual Studio projects. It contains information about the files in the project, such as their source control status, and helps maintain consistency between the local copy of the project and the version stored in the source control repository.

When you check in the .vspscc file, it ensures that the correct source control information is maintained and that the project can be properly managed in TFS. If the .vspscc file is not checked in, it can lead to issues such as incorrect source control status or inconsistencies between the local copy and the version in TFS.

Therefore, it is recommended that you always check in the .vspscc file along with the rest of the project files to ensure proper management of your Visual Studio project in TFS.

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