Tuesday 31 December 2013

DNN - NB_Store - Backoffice Pagination "Not Found" error

In the DotNetNuke - NB_Store Backoffice, whenever the list (example: catalog list) is longer to have a pagination, navigating to the new page gives exception with "Not Found" message.
This is the link to the catalog list :
When I click the "Next" or "2" (second page link), it gives the above mentioned exception.

This was the question I had asked on DNN NB_Store codeplex discussion forum:
I am repeating it here with a temporary solution, so that I can also add screenshots here for better clarity.

The catalog list link is as below:
If you notice in the url, it has a parameter "SkinSrc" which has the path to the skin file. This basically overrides the default skin of your website.
If you click the "Next" page link at the bottom of the page, you will get an error as below:
This is the link to the next page:
You can get the next page by removing the "SkinSrc" parameter. This will show you the next page with the default skin of the website.